Ryan Reynolds and Qui Nguyen are apparently working on a new movie, centered around a mythology baked into Disney theme parks called “The Society of Explorers and Adventurers.” Qui Nguyen is best known for his work on various Broadway plays, but he’s also gotten a decent career as a screenwriter off the ground. He’s worked on Dispatches from Elsewhere, The Society, Incorporated, and Peg + Cat. He also wrote Raya and the Last Dragon and is currently working on the upcoming Disney animated film Strange World.

While the movie idea feels pretty fresh, there’s also a Disney+ show in the works that plays off of the same ideas. It’s apparently going to be completely unrelated though, aside from having the same inspiration. The SEA, as it’s known, was originally added to the Tokyo Disneyland versions of rides like the Haunted Mansion and the Tower of Terror. The general plot of the whole thing is that there’s a society of explorers and adventurers. That being said, it’s also home to scientists, artists, and many other interesting people. The society was founded in 1538 in Italy, so it's had plenty of time to expand its ranks.

Nguyen says that he has a unique idea for a take on the SEA, adding a host of supernatural elements, new history, and new characters. The hopes are that the film will kick off a whole franchise. There are really no more details on what exactly Ryan Reynolds is going to be doing on the project, but we do know that he’ll be producing at the very least. Of course, since the movie isn’t close to production yet, there's no release date lined up.

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