There have been a plethora of movies released in 2021 and one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer won the hearts of gamers and nerds everywhere. Not only did it gain love from the nerds but it found major success with the masses even during a pandemic where people are nervous to return to the theaters.

However, Ryan Reynolds starred in Free Guy and was only available to be seen in theaters, unlike most movies released in 2020 and 2021 that found their way directly to streaming. Movie execs were nervous about the amount of money they would lose from people not going to see it, but Ryan Reynolds believed people wouldn't pass up this film.

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If you haven't seen Free Guy it follows the life of a video game character played by Ryan Reynolds, no not the main character but what's known as an NPC. An NPC is a Non-Playable Character, basically, a character that sits in the background of video games and only has a few lines. However something is special about Guy, he's becoming self-aware of the world around him and realizing he has so much more power than he thought.

Even tho Guy isn't fully aware he's a video game character he has some sort of artificial intelligence about him and is continuing to learn and live his life every day. But outside the video game in the real world, a whole battle is brewing over Guy becoming self-aware.

At first, the programmers and developers all assumed Guy was some hacker who somehow downloaded some NPC skin and was parading around the game doing whatever he wanted. Guy's original programmer however starts to realize who he is and why he's becoming self-aware. All the while in the background of the real world the video game company and the people that work there are all in Seattle Washington.

Tho they don't tend to focus on this aspect it does align with an early article where we talked about the future of gaming and how it's growing inside of Washington. During the movie we find ourselves in the head developer and owner's office, outside the window is a large and beautiful view of the Seattle skyline, Space-Needle, and all.

You can Watch Free Guy now, either buying it on DVD or ordering thru your preferred streaming service.

Check out the trailer for Free Guy Below and see if you notice and Seattle landmarks

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