Speeding in a school zone is a no-no. Not just for the safety of our children, but to avoid a costly ticket. I think I got that wrong. Let me try again: "not just to avoid a costly ticket, but for the safety of our children."

 But if you absolutely, positively must speed in a school zone, don't do it in a stolen car! Now, for my best Billy Mayes impression: But wait, there's more!

This driver had no license and warrants on top of that!


This morning just after 8am, Officer Castilleja was conducting school...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Monday, January 11, 2021

I'm starting to feel a little left out. It seems like all the cool kids have warrants and stuff. I've never had one. I mean, I try to be bad and be cool, but nothing so far. I know you can get a warrant if you don't show up in court, but nobody's invited me there yet, either. I've also been really good about any traffic tickets or fines. Usually, when I go to jail, I get pulled over and go straight there, so no warrant necessary. Actually, I've never been to jail, but if I did go, it would probably be that way. Maybe I can get some kind of 'honorary' warrant or something. Preferably something I can just put up on the fridge and not have to go through the work of being an inmate.


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