There's an art gallery in Seattle that if you want to visit, you will have to either knock or ring a bell that they've installed on the outside wall. It's because the doors are locked during business hours.

According to KTTH AM's Jason Rantz, a growing number of businesses, especially those near Pioneer Square, are installing apartment-like buzzer or bell alerts, so customers can let them know when they want to enter.

In this case, the famous Foster-White Gallery is now one of them. The owner, Phen Huang, was assaulted by an unruly homeless man last October. He had entered and asked her for a glass of water. But instead of leaving, he began to act violent, was disturbing the art displays and making a mess.

When she demanded he leave, he hit her with his umbrella and knocked her into a glass display case, injuring her. Like a growing number of business owners in the area, she says fewer customers is a consequence of trying to keep herself safe.

Pioneer Square has now become the new "vogue" place for homeless to squat in Seattle. But after a knife incident last week, police are reportedly trying to clear tents more rapidly when they are set up by these visitors.

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