Scenes of Seattle's Pride Weekend from a Yakima Girl's Point of View

When I tell you I had so much fun this weekend, I mean it! I struggled to get my child on a her flight out of town, then I stumbled upon Pride Weekend in Seattle, enjoyed King's of Comedy's own Cedric The Entertainer performance, and finally, I slept in my car by accident! Whew, let me fill you in on why my day was so disastrous, yet FUN and fulfilling!


I began my day at four-something in the early morning, waiting inside the Seattle International Airport. I had to drop off my daughter there so that she could catch a plane to go visit her godmother. Her flight was at 6:15 a.m. We got to the airport early enough (they recommend getting there at least 2 hours before any flight), but even at 4:40 a.m. there were only TWO attendants at the Agent Assist Desk. There was literally at least 100 other people in line ahead of us and the line was going S - L - O - W. Willow ended up missing her flight because we were STILL stuck in line waiting to get my special gate pass to escort her to the gate. We couldn't proceed to the TSA line without it. Poor little Willow burst out into tears when she realized she had missed her flight. I comforted her and wiped her tears, then I told her to keep her cool because come hell or high water, we were getting her on a flight that day! An airline agent was finally able to assist us and booked Willow on the next plane, so crisis averted! YAY!

Willow Cosby going on a trip, Age 11
Reesha Cosby


Since I was in Seattle for the rest of the day after safely getting Willow on her flight, I decided to:

1. Take a selfie

Reesha Cosby aka Reesha on the Radio, June 2022
Reesha Cosby via Facebook

2. Stop by the Ikea store

Scenes from Ikea in Renton, WA
Reesha Cosby

3. Be a lookie-loo at Citizen Campfire bar

Citizen Campfire in Seattle, WA
Reesha Cosby via Twitter
Citizen Campfire in Seattle, WA
tsm/reesha cosby

4. Check in with one of my girl friends, Holly, who happened to live in Seattle.

Holly told me she was getting her kids ready to head to Capitol Hill for the Pride Weekend events. I begged her to let me meet up with them and hang out at Pride Weekend with them. It took me literally ONE HOUR of driving around the Capitol Hill area trying to find a place to park. It felt like I had entered a new dimension of hell trying to find a place to park! Finally, I got a good spot and headed down the hill to the Pride festivities. Check out my mini-gallery below. I had a blast!

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I was so happy I got to attend Seattle Pride Weekend because I had missed Yakima Pride Weekend and the Pride Parade entirely due to my duties at the NAACP'S Juneteenth Yakima Barbecue at MLK Jr. Park. Check out the gallery of Yakima Pride parade here.


I bought a ticket to see comedian and actor, Cedric The Entertainer! He was performing at the Paramount Theater so I purchased a parking garage ticket and a seat at the show. I got a seat in the next to last row, Row Z. I had a seat on the end of the aisle so nobody's big head was blocking my view. The show was hosted by the very funny, Rita Brent, who had the audience rolling in the aisles before the opening act, JJ Williamson. Cedric made me laugh so hard and I felt a great sense of relief to be out and about seeing live shows in the big city once again!

Inside the Paramount Theater for Cedric the Entertainer
reesha cosby via instagram


After the Cedric show, I had planned to head back home to Yakima but my eyelids had other thoughts. My mind was "plum-tuckered out", as we used to say in The South where I grew up! I had experienced such a big day that my poor heart and soul couldn't stay awake any longer. I felt myself drifting off to sleep in an unconscious state, so I pulled over to a safe spot in a parking garage and climbed in my back seat and went to sleep. When I woke up, it was almost 9 a.m.! I had been asleep for about seven hours. I think that's the longest I've been asleep at one time in years.

Scenes from Seattle Pride Weekend 2022

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