A new study says many state governments are taxing lower and middle class families at a higher rate than the wealthy. According to their numbers, Washington is the worst in the country!

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (they say they are non-partisan) claims the percentage of total household income paid in taxes is a much higher percentage for lower and middle-class families.

For example, the poorest Americans pay about 11 percent of their income in taxes, while the top 1 percent pay 5.4 percent.

And according to these figures, Washington state is the worst!

  • Poor people in Washington pay almost 17 percent of their income in taxes
  • Richest people in Washington only pay 2.4 percent.
  • Florida came in No. 2 and Texas No. 3 worst.
  • In California, the poorest pay 10 percent, the richest pay 9 percent.

Here are a couple things to consider before getting upset:

  • This includes sales tax and you can't charge lower or higher sales tax based on income. Ditto with property tax.
  • Federal tax rates tax the richest at much, much, higher rates than the poor.
  • The poor generally receive more services from the state including Medicare, public schooling, community college, public transit, etc. that the rich don't need or don't use.