Why is a man as good looking, charming and successful as me single on Valentine's Day? I'm saving myself for Charlize Theron. She is one fascinating lady. Here are some of the jaw-dropping facts from her life:

1. Did you know she's South African? Afrikaaner to be specific!

2. Her mother killed her dad in self defense. He was abusive and she shot him dead.

3. She wanted to be a professional dancer before moving to America

4. She got her first big break by yelling at a bank teller. He wouldn't cash her check from South Africa (her mom sent it) and one of the men standing in line behind her was a casting agent and took an interest.

5. She's dating Sean Penn. I know, right? Sean is 53 and icky and weird. Charlize is 38 and lovely. Maybe she hasn't heard I'm waiting for her.

6. She's the first South African woman to win an Oscar.