Benton County Sheriff's continue to comb through the remains of a shop, trailer and home business near Finley after vandals caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Deputies say they received a call from the homeowner in the 22000 block of Private Road (PR) 528 NE near Finley. The person discovered sometime during the latter part of the week their shop had been vandalized.

Authorities say the suspect(s) broke car windows, several four wheelers were tipped over, they destroyed family heirlooms including a U.S. Flag in a shadow box. They also used an ax to completely destroy the interior of a large 32-foot travel trailer parked inside the building. They also destroyed the man's home brewing operation. Deputies said the entire scene was "chaos." The damage is rampant.

Into early Monday morning, Deputies continued to comb through the wreckage, looking for evidence and clues. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. Officials did not give any indication this we burglary motivated--looking for valuables--instead, it appears to be a violent and disturbing age of vandalism. Officials say they have not seen this level of destruction in a vandalism case in years.

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