This is my new secret weapon in the kitchen "Pop & Cook" frozen herb cubes. I love to use fresh herbs when I cook but lets face it they are exspensive and have a short shelf life. So when I found out about these little frozen gems I just had to share.


These frozen herbs are better than fresh because they are flash frozen as son as they are harvested from the field. The flavor they add to any of your recipes are amazing. I'm going to buy these from now on!

According to their FB page here's the deal:


Pop & Cook brings you the freshest herbs - frozen, chopped and ready to use! Enjoy all the natural health benefits of herbs - effortless and mess-free!

To simplify your cooking process by providing you with the freshest frozen herbs and spices.


Pop & Cook provides you with the freshest herbs and spices, chopped, crushed, frozen and ready to use. Find us in the freezer aisle at all Walmart Centers and Supercenters!

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