We were privileged to have Seattle-native Anthony Ray on the show this morning -- you know him as Sir Mix-a-Lot. It's been 20 years since he became a celebrity for releasing "Baby Got Back" (You know, "I like big butts and I cannot lie...") and today he's working on a lot of different projects.

His big endeavor right now is promoting a new tech company based in Seattle. It's certainly the right city for it... just as it was to get started in music in the early 1990s. In our interview Sir Mix-a-Lot said growing up in Seattle he tagged along to the park with his older brother to see hot, new bands. He had no idea he was in an incubator for megastars.
Yet Seattle is still an incubator for musical talent. He told us how he runs into bands that are so amazing, yet are not represented by a label. He's currently promoting the group "Ayron Jones and The Way." Here more from the interview:

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