Several more sources have revealed to us that the talk about Costco sending membership 'suspension' or suspension 'warning' letters to customers-members is actually happening.

And, apparently cashiers-workers are being expected to 'report' them.

We reported on a woman who received a letter from Costco saying her membership was being subject to possible termination for her violating mask policy. She was wearing one but under her nose. The woman mentioned nobody in the store said anything to her, then two days later she received the letter from the General Manager and Assistant Managers. We called Costco Corporate Monday of this week, but were told we had to submit a media request. They don't handle matters over the phone.

Now, we've discovered another woman who had a similar situation in early April. This person, who supplied us with a photo of their letter, also asked to be anonymous, but we did converse with them directly.

In her situation, very late March of 2021, she entered the Kennewick store and said she was accosted by another customer-member who got in her face and became very belligerent. She did not have a mask on and was waiting to talk to a manager because she'd been asked to.  This woman told the accuser and the manager she had a medical exemption letter from her doctor, and had already received a vaccine as well.

It's not uncommon for people to have certified notes from their Doctor concerning masks for medical reasons, including psychological

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The other member, she said, used profanity and accused her of being a spreader of COVID. She was told by the Manager she spoke with the letter etc. didn't matter. Both the woman and the other member ended up in a brief shouting match prior to the Manager arriving.

She ended up leaving. Then later, she received this letter (dated April 3) from Costco Management. She also got a check from them for the rest of her membership, which was terminated. This woman is a veteran who has PTSD, and although Costco appeared to be wavering on the membership suspension when found out about her vet status and PTSD,, she told them to not  worry about it, she would find other  places to shop--and she has.

Source--to townsquare media.
Source--to townsquare media.

Now we have also learned through another source how Costco is 'enforcing' the mandate. Reportedly, customers who are seen without a mask are spotted by employees, especially in the check-out lines. If alerted by a worker, Management pulls up their information based upon their membership number, and then they are sent the 'cancelation' or threat of cancelation letter. So, it's up to the employees, as this source said, to "snitch" on members not wearing masks. This  source told us employees are told not to confront customers if they don't have a mask, but instead to utilize the methods just listed.

As of this writing, we have not heard back yet from Costco. We do not know if other stores are utilizing this, the only information we have is for the Kennewick venue.


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