It looks like some squatters have taken it upon themselves to move from parking lot to parking lot in Walla Walla.

Is that legal?

The squatters are traveling from parking lot to parking lot in Walla Walla. They set up for a few days and then they move around the city instead of staying at the nearby homeless camp.

It seems to have some folks in Walla Walla up in arms over the situation but they also have their defenders.

Here is the complete Facebook conversation ------> Squatters

Here is something you might not know about in the State of Washington and that is Squatter's Rights.

In Washington State, if squatters are living inside but not damaging the property or engaging in illegal activity, they cannot be forcibly evicted without a long, arduous, often costly legal process.

It looks like it's going to be a long battle before this is resolved in Walla Walla, what do you think?


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