A week after Pilot Rock, Oregon, fired its only police officer nearby Stanfield has suspended two of its four officers: the chief and lieutenant.

That leaves just two officers to patrol all of Stanfield and nearby Echo, Oregon.

An officer fired a couple months ago filed complaints against the chief and lieutenant accusing the latter of numerous ethical violations and the chief of covering for him.

The fired officer says he was let go after telling the chief the lieutenant was approaching residents he found attractive about having group sex with he and his wife. The chief says the man was fired for showing up to an accident scene drunk (although he was off duty and someone else drove him there).

The accusations include claims the lieutenant illegally confiscated a firearm during a traffic stop and never logged it into evidence. Ditto with marijuana plants confiscated from a residence. It is said he was enjoying a fire in his front yard despite a burn ban and had illegally conducted traffic stops among other accusations of unethical behavior.

The city has responded to the allegations slowly to respect the rights of all involved, so it only recently put the chief and lieutenant on paid leave during the outside investigation. Stanfield and Echo being patrolled by only two officers is not abnormal, the city said. Frequent turnover has been a problem.

It is unclear why Pilot Rock fired its only officer. He believes it was because he bought a tactical vest without permission. Pendleton police are currently patrolling those neighborhoods.


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