Starbucks is infamous for its secret menu but you have to know what you're asking for and there is a way to make sure you get that secret menu and here's the trick.

The newest item to hit the secret menu is the Frankenstein Frappuccino! It's a green drink made with a matcha Frappe base, peppermint, java chips, whipped cream, and a mocha drizzle.

It looks AMAZING and YUMMY but there is a little trick to asking for one. According to the website, you do have a little hoop to jump through if you want this frothy delight!

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Totally The recommends that you screenshot the recipe or bookmark it on your phone. The Barista might ask for proof about the secret menu because remember the item won't be listed on their menu.

If you want to check out this secret menu item, click here for more details and Happy Halloween early from Starbucks.

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