In 2003 an antique wooden carousel was purchased and is now in motion to debut at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex in roughly a year.

The 1910 Carmel Carousel is now under the organization and care of "The Carousel Project". Restoration has been completed on all the horses, and the chariots are currently being stripped, repaired, painted and protected with a sealant.

The carousel has a total of 45 horses, 4 chariots, 1 Washington State University Cougar and 1 University of Washington Husky. The Carousel Project received the carved husky as a gift from the Missoula Carousel Carvers, and was painted by Bette Lagent. The cougar was carved by Mike Thornton, and painted by Bette Largent.

The Carousel Project would not be possible without the donations of time, talent and other support. If you would like to contribute please send a message on Facebook or email

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