A survey of nearly 5,000 respondents revealed people's top regrets about their high school years. Instead of feeling sorry for these people, hearing what they regret will actually inspire you. As we take stock of our year and count our blessings, allow these comments to spark some self reflection in you:

  • Changing friend groups when they don't make you a better person.
  • Allowing the jocks or popular kids to make you feel bad about yourself. No one really cares what they think. The only power they have is what you give them.
  • Being scared to take risks. Most teenagers have a strong support network so there's never a better time in life to experiment and fail big.
  • Being scared to ask someone out. Almost all of them would have been flattered and would have said yes to at least one date.
  • Taking too long to learn "You Do You" and ignore the people who try to make you feel powerless or inadequate.
  • Not standing up for kids being bullied.
  • Not paying attention in class. I could have skipped a lot of difficult and expensive classes in college had I done better in HS.
  • Getting involved more. Teenagers love being lazy but high school is a time to try many things.
  • Not thanking my favorite teachers enough. I now know they thrive on that.
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