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Bon Jovi #1 Tour in 2013
I've always been a huge fan of rock band Bon Jovi. So are a lot of other people because the band comes in the #1 slot for tours in 2013. Beating out Taylor Swift, P!nk and The Rolling Stones. Check out the complete list and photos I took at his show in 2010.
Richie Sambora Kicked off Tour!
Bon Jovi's PR announced that Richie Sambora wasn't going to be on tour with the band for "personal reasons," and now we know what those might be.
Apparently Jon Bon Jovi tried to make Sambora go to rehab, and Sambora was all, "No, no, no." Or maybe he use…
‘Jon Bon Jovi Dead’ is Twitter Hoax
The web has gone crazy with rumors that John Francis Bongiovi has died. Name not ring a bell? The alias Jon Bon Jovi probably does. According to a fake, and poorly, created press release Bon Jovi was apparently 'found in a coma' and 'not breathing'. Calm down. It's just anot…