The web has gone crazy with rumors that John Francis Bongiovi has died. Name not ring a bell? The alias Jon Bon Jovi probably does. According to a fake, and poorly, created press release Bon Jovi was apparently 'found in a coma' and 'not breathing'. Calm down. It's just another internet hoax.

Currently trending on Twitter is 'Jon Bon Jovi' and 'Kim Jong', one of which is dead, one of which isn't. Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator, died this weekend. Bon Jovi was only dead to the Twitterverse.

To clear up any rumors, Bon Jovi released this picture on his facebook page. Nice touch.

Jon Bon Jovi isn't dead!

Ranging from Gene Simmons to Dave Mathews, death hoaxes aren't uncommon for celebrities or musicians in general. So in celebration of Bon Jovi being alive, check out the Bon Jovi opposite band, Jon Bovi!



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