Tri-Citians With the Flu are Required to Stay Home!
OK, not really...
5 people have died in our area because of flu complications, hospitals have seen a huge increase in ER patients, schools are getting hammered, some schools have seen a 50% increase of absences in staff.
The moral of the story: Keep your PETRI DISH self at home...
Best Places to Get Flu Shots Near Kennewick
If you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, it's not too late! Here are some local places offering them:

Rite Aid
Fred Meyer
Health departments
Grocery store pharmacies
Physicians Immediate Care Center
KGH Urgent Care Clinics
Kadlec Urgent Care
Arbor Healthcare for Women
Tri-Cities Commu…
Is It The Flu?
Some are saying this year's flu season is off to a raging start. Plenty of people are experiencing some bad symptoms this year already!
Here is some info from the Center of Disease Control  on preventing  the flu!
When to get vaccinated against seasonal flu
Yearly flu vaccination should begin in Septem…
Flu Shot…Yay or Nay?
I spent a few years sick every winter. So, I started getting a flu shot every year. It was awesome because I never got sick! And in fact, I haven't gotten the flu shot for the past 3 years and STILL haven't had the flu!
I've heard of people getting really sick right after they get the …