Ape Cave Hike
If you’re an outdoors kind of person, then the Ape Cave should be on your list of hikes to do (at least twice) before you die.
Day 2 Faith Martin Hikes Badger Mountain!
Okay I promise I won't post EVERYDAY that I go. But, it was kinda cool today when we hiked Badger Mountain in the snow! I took a bunch of pics this morning! It was an awesome way to start the day!
If you have never done it...You may want to re-consider...
Hiking Badger Mountain!
It's hard to stay motivated to exercise all winter!
I have a gym membership, and I try to walk/Run every other day because  I have to keep my new Rhodesian Ridgeback Pup from tearing the house to pieces!
My dog Crystal needs exercise as well...
Late-Autumn Hiking Spots
The weather may be getting a bit colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hiking boots for the season. You still have plenty of fall left to head out into the countryside for some extended walks through America’s most stunning parks and nature reserves.
The Best Hiking/Running Trails in the Tri-Cities
I love the running trail along the Columbia River and Sporthaus in Kennewick suggested a few more hiking or running trails you may not be familiar with for running in the Tri-Cities.

Chamna Trail Run - Off of 240 into Richland. The trail is about 5 miles
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Our Morning Hike Today![Video]
Today the sun was shining! So even though there was some snow on the ground when we woke up today, we headed out early in the morning to scout out some fun places to hike and hopefully also be able to take the horses to ride.
We found a beautiful place along the river...

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