5 Steps You Must Take if You Win The Mega Millions Jackpot!
+++UPDATED: Tuesday, January 12th -- The rules below still apply, but now the Jackpot is sitting at $615,000,000 and the one-time payout would be $451,800,000. Wouldn't it be a great way to kick off 2021? Winning a lottery Jackpot?! What about the MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT which stands at $447,000,000...
Impatient (CHEAP) Suspect Swipes Lottery Tix From Behind Counter
Imagine how he will feel when he sees his face plastered all over websites and social media! Walla Walla County Sheriff's are seeking this guy, early Wednesday morning he's accused of swiping a string of lottery tickets in Burbank. The man reportedly entered the convenience store on Dodd Road, and when the clerk wasn't looking, he reached over the counter and pulled off a number of tickets from th
Hermiston Man Wins Lottery
Ronald Williams of Hermiston purchased a Special Keno 8-Spot ticket with the added Bulls-Eye option during a quick pit stop at the Crossroads Truck Stop in Umatilla. Williams, who owns a trucking company, hit it big twice and won $118,031.80...

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