+++UPDATED: Tuesday, January 12th -- The rules below still apply, but now the Jackpot is sitting at $615,000,000 and the one-time payout would be $451,800,000.

Wouldn't it be a great way to kick off 2021? Winning a lottery Jackpot?! What about the MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT which stands at $447,000,000! This jackpot, which will be possible for someone to win tonight, is huge and would most definitely change your life.

Do you buy lottery tickets? Do you only buy them when Jackpots get considerably larger than normal? I find that I'm in this latter category - since I rarely even think of buying one (which explains why I don't win) but I'll admit, when people start talking about the large jackpot, it catches my attention and, like today, sometimes I buy a ticket!

Brian Stephenson

Tonight's jackpot is considered 'Large'. The largest, however, was in excess of $1.5 Billion Dollars back in 2018. I know, it's really not possible to wrap most minds around that kind of money. Now, with the $447 Million - a winner could choose the one-time payout of $339.6 Million dollars (before taxes). This seems to be the most popular and most financially powerful option - as you'd be able to grow the income better than you could if you just took the annual payments for 25 years and let the government earn the interest on the cash.

5 Things to Do First If You Win

1) Zip Your Lip. Sit down and catch your breath. Other than my spouse, I don't think I'd tell anyone for about a month. Obvious reasons include opening yourself up to fraudulent 'helpers', family and friends who couldn't remember your name previously who now call you bro, and the list goes on.

2) Hire an attorney, immediately. You might have a good friend from college who handles your minor affairs, but unless you're sure Morty the Beer Guzzler has truly become a top-notch attorney, start shopping.

3) Hire a financial advisor. Yes, you need this person perhaps more than anyone and it needs to be somebody besides Morty.

4) Put that winning ticket in a safe place - and don't tell anyone where it is. Also, you'll want to be sure to sign it and take a picture of it.

5) Call me and for a small fee, I'll help you achieve items 1 through 4. I can't honestly say that's the best advice but I'm willing to help. A small fee is relative to your winnings.

Brian Stephenson

Good luck and you'll know I won if you never hear from me again.

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