An Everett man won $500,000 from a scratch ticket purchased at a convenience store.

The winning ticket was purchased at Evergreen Food Store. "D.B." had just dropped his son off at school when he decided to stop by the Everett store for iced tea.

On a whim, D.B. opted to buy three lottery scratchers.

When D.B. got home, he went to scratching. The first two tickets weren't winners. However, that third scratcher was the big one! D.B. discovered he had won the game's top prize, $500,000!

D.B. called his mom to to tell her about his top prize. She initially thought her son was joking. His mother realized he wasn't joking at all when he offered to pay off her debt and said, "you can retire now." They celebrated the big win by going out to breakfast. D.B. plans to purchase a car for his son and put some of the money toward his son's college fund.

This isn't the first time D.B won with the Washington Lottery.

This is the third time D.B. purchased winning lottery tickets from Everett's Evergreen Food Store. Three years ago, D.B. won $10,000 on a scratch-off ticket, and six years ago, D.B. won $1,000.

Patti Banner
Patti Banner

I'd love to know his strategy. I'm also wondering how much money he spends on lottery tickets. Personally, I purchase lottery scratchers ONLY, when I have a few dollars to spare. I have an extra $7. Maybe I'll win today. I'll let you know.

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