If I won tens of millions of dollars in the lottery I'd stay right here in Tri-Cities, but it wouldn't look the same after I got done! Here are a few ideas at the top of my list. If you win, how would you share (and with whom)?

When you win a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot it’s not just you who wins; it’s anybody you want to share the win with -- your wife, husband, kids, friends, dog, cat -- whoever! Play today, and share that win!

  • Townsquare Media Boise

    Install a chairlift to top of Badger Mountain

    Because exercise is for suckers! Don't worry, it'd be along the back end so it wouldn't disrupt the view (for most of you).

  • Getty Images

    Buy an insanely huge yacht for the Columbia River

    I'm talking about one so big people ask "What was he thinking?" And then I'd bribe the Army Corps of Engineers to let me live on it year round. And I'd invite all of you over for PARTIES!

  • George Doyle

    Buy out the trampoline park and then EXPAND!

    I'm talking about one of those ag buildings that are 4 football fields big -- full of trampolines! Every Tuesday would be free (but you have to pay for the tacos).

  • grapix

    Buy my own vineyard and force everyone to speak Italian

    Learn it, fake it, or import real Italians, I don't care. But when I walk around to inspect the grapes, I expect to hear everyone around me arguing in Italian. And have Olive Garden take out ready for me at lunch. Don't worry, you're all invited to Spring Barrel tasting with TONS of free samples!

  • Getty Images

    Buy EVERY front-row seat at CenturyLink Field

    After my family and friends got their tickets, I'd open a lottery open ONLY to Mid Columbia people and you could have the seats for free if you promised to wear grease paint and bring pom poms.

  • Getty Images

    Build my own Duportail Bridge

    No new taxes for y'all, but you'd have to pay to use the bridge!

  • Ikonoklast_Fotografie

    Build my own waterpark

    Regular admission would be $10 and everyone who's been a mayor or city council member in the last 20 years would have to pay $100 if they wanted in! (for not building us one sooner)

  • Getty Images

    Buy out the entire BMW dealership

    You can't have just one ;-) Y'all can help me test drive.

  • hikesterson

    Build a luxury hotel and donate it to My Friend's Place -- no more homeless youth!

    If a kid doesn't have a home, there'd be a place where they felt safe.

  • Getty Images

    Create a Zeppelin route for going to Seattle and Portland

    Aren't you tired of driving to Seattle and Portland? Just book a trip on my party blimp! BYOB