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Funniest Memes of the Week
The funniest memes of the week are back, and boy do we have some of the funniest memes that ever meme'd for you. Between 'Intellectual Baby' and a late Halloween meme, this week is bound to get you laughing.
$15,000 Romney Tattoo
A 30-year-old part-time professional wrestler in Indiana auctioned off a five-by-two-inch spot on the side of his head and allowed the bidder to decide what would be tattooed there.
Best of the Mitt Romney Versus Big Bird Memes
Mitt Romney can't just say he's going to put Big Bird out of a job and get away with it. Here are the best memes so far from the Great 2012 Big Bird Backlash that don't have curse words. Because in the mind of the internet, when Big Bird gets angry he grabs a rifle and starts spewing …
Mitt Romney Photobomb Prompts Hilarious Memes
Mitt Romney was on the campaign trail at a Chipotle in Denver, Colorado when this photo was taken. The man in the picture swears this is just his excited face. Unfortunately, his expression, coupled with his striking similarity to a young Will Smith, made this photo a guaranteed internet sensation. …
Bad Lip Reading [VIDEO]
As yet another election year gets hot and heavy with non stop speeches, debates and campaigning I found this “Viral Video” on you tube and thought it was quite funny!
A YouTube series of Bad Lip Reading videos