Take it slow and easy
I know we all are expert drivers (*wink *wink) but here are a few reminders when driving on the icy roads over the next few days.
10 Tips to Have a BAD First Date
Some people want to know how to avoid having a bad first date, but sometimes you are hoping to complete a date in such a manner so that whoever set it up is not mad at you, but the other person will never ask to do it again.
How to Fold a T-Shirt in 3 Seconds Flat – Really
I don't know about you but laundry day is my least favorite day of the week. Sure I have a pretty bright red LG front loader washing machine so loading the washer and dryer are the best part of laundry day, it's the folding the clothes thing that I despise. Especially t-shirts they are just a pain t…