We all know teenage boys can eat, but we didn't realize they can't stop.

A group of seven teenage boys in Southern California went to a Denny’s for the chain's $5 all-you-can-eat pancake special last weekend. No big deal, right? Well, it is when you consider they remained at the restaurant for 24 hours, eating nothing but pancakes and proved that they can stretch their dollars almost as much as they can the lining in their stomachs.

One of the boys' fathers, Orange County Register reporter Greg Hardesty, broke the syrupy news on his Facebook page after he completed his own more literal marathon when he ran for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for injured soldiers who return home.

Hardesty wrote, "They ate 301, averaging more than 14,000 calories per person - all for $5 each. They are establishing a new category for the Guinness Book of World Records." Not to mention one for world's worst tummy ache.

We'll save you the trouble of doing the math. If Hardesty's estimate is correct, that comes out to 43 pancakes per person, which caused all sorts of havoc. It seems Denny's ran out of batter at one point and had to send someone out to buy more.

Hardesty's family seems to make sport out of going over the top. You may recall that in 2009 he wrote a popular story about how his teenage daughter sent more than 14,000 text messages in a month.

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