I'm all about household hacks but this one I stumbled across has to take the cake.

Have you ever heard of putting aluminum foil in your dishwasher along with your dirty dishes?

It may seem like an odd practice, but there is actually a scientific reason behind it.

Here's what I discovered about using a foil ball in your dishwasher and if you live in Washington State, you might want to try this:

Does Tin Foil In The Dishwasher Work? Check Out This Hack Washington State

By combining baking soda and aluminum foil in the dishwasher, you can effectively lift tarnish from silverware.



Tarnish is caused by a chemical reaction between silver and sulfur compounds in the air, which creates silver sulfide on the surface of the metal.

To combat this tarnish, many people use a combination of baking soda and aluminum foil in the dishwasher.

When these two elements come into contact with each other during the dishwashing cycle, they create a chemical reaction that helps to lift the tarnish from the silverware.

Additionally, using tin foil in the dishwasher can also help to prevent rust from forming on metal utensils.

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Rust is another common issue that can arise when metal items are exposed to water and air for extended periods of time.

By placing a sheet of tin foil in the dishwasher along with your metal utensils, you can create a barrier that helps to protect them from rusting.

This simple trick can be especially useful for those who live in humid climates or have hard water that is prone to causing rust.

So there you go, a little hack that might surprise you. Give it a shot Washingtonians!

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