Names are an integral part of our identity, and they hold significance in defining who we are. I'm adopted and have often wanted to change my current last name to my birth last name.


In Washington State, you'll find people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, resulting in an exciting mix of last names. I think a few of these will surprise you but some might be a little obvious

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Here are the top 10 most common last names in no particular order:

Smith - Perhaps one of the most popular last names worldwide, Smith also reigns supreme in Washington State. This English surname originated from the word 'smith' meaning "smite or strike", and has been a mainstay in the state since the 19th century.

Johnson - Originating from the Scandinavian given name 'Johannes', Johnson is a widely spread surname across the United States and Washington State is no exception. The name saw a rise in popularity in the early 20th century, perhaps thanks to several influential Johnsons in politics and business.

Williams - This Welsh name meaning "son of William" has also made its mark in Washington State. Williams has long been popular in the United States, and its use was likely brought over by Welsh immigrants in the 19th century.

Brown - Short, simple, and easy to spell, Brown is a name that's hard to forget.

Miller - Meaning "one who grinds or mills grain", Miller is a common English and Scottish surname that is prevalent not only in Washington State but across the US as well.

Garcia - Garcia may come as a surprise to some. While it's a more popular name in states such as California and Texas, the Hispanic population in Washington is large enough to earn Garcia a spot on this list.

Davis - This Welsh name meaning "son of David" has long been a favorite in the United States, making it into the top 10 list of most common last names in Washington State as well.


Lee - With a population of over 6 million, Washington State is home to a significant number of Asian Americans, which goes a long way in explaining the prevalence of the Lee surname.

Wilson - Later additions can trace their origin back to any of the several other original spellings including Willson, also Welsh in origin, the surname means “son of William” and was introduced to the United States.

Anderson - Finally, we have Anderson, another Scandinavian name meaning "son of Anders". The name saw a rise in popularity in the 20th century.

As you can see, some surprising names on the list. You can explore more last names and their popularity here.

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