I miss Hope Solo. After losing "Dancing With The Stars" she virtually disappeared. Now that she's back to her career as a professional athlete, when will we hear from her again? What's next for the most famous Tri-Cities woman?

The former Richland Bomber's wicked skills and bewitching eyes were introduced to the world last summer. Then we watched the hometown girl become an international television star and model in autumn. After her unfair ejection from television's most subjective reality show she disappeared from the limelight. The last time she made headlines was for playing in a game against Sweden on Nov. 19.

What makes Miss Solo so watchable is her many looks. Her face reflected intense focus and determination during the World Cup, then severe disappointment and displeasure at losing.

Her charming smile won over America on television and on the red carpet, showing her to be a natural celebrity.

Her muscular fitness, perfect form and professionalism were celebrated in the controversial ESPN Magazine "Body Issue."

So what's next? I'd be perfectly happy to see women's soccer on prime time television again, but I don't know if this will happen during her career.

It's cliche to release an album or try to get a movie role.

I wouldn't mind seeing more modeling.

She'd be a great product spokeswoman.

What do you think?

Perhaps she's wondering the same thing and wouldn't mind a suggestion from friends in the Tri-Cities.

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