I was scrolling through my Facebook feed today and saw a friend commenting on an interesting article. The article claimed that Taco Bell was the voted the best Mexican food in the nation. While the chain is probably the best KNOWN Mexican-style chain in the nation, in my opinion it is certainly NOT the best Mexican food! Not hating on Taco Bell, but come on, there are so many better and more authentic places! So, it got me thinking, what is the best Mexican restaurant in the Tri-Cities? Let's decide together!

Not including food trucks (love them, but let's focus on sit-down places for this poll), what do you think is the best sit-down restaurant serving Mexican food in the TC? I've posted only a few on the poll, so you write in your favorite if I didn't catch it, and I'll add it to the poll. Who has the best Mexican food in Tri-Cities? Let the voting begin!

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