This weekend I felt like my family started some new traditions. Put the Christmas tree up right before Thanksgiving and then spend Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and resting on a Sunday decorating the house, wrapping presents and beginning the Christmas binge while listening to Christmas music of course :)

I'd put together a list of Christmas movies I completely plan on binging and then realized, man there are many more than what I first listed so here is round two with a fun little perk. Each day I have a hook-up for you

This weekend we watched IT: Chapter Two. Yes, I realize it's not a Christmas movie however it's about to drop on DVD and I figured I should hook you up if you like. Message me via the app if you are interested in owning your own copy or are you needing something a little lighter?

I also have A Cinderella Story; Christmas Wish if that's more your speed

Alright, now that your hook-ups out of the way please check out the other holiday movies worth watching this season

Gotta love when the entire family gets together for the holidays

It's rough going to two places for Christmas, imagine doing four of them

One of my favorites of Queen Latifah

This is such a cool looking film and reminds me of working during the holidays. This movie was on the in the background on repeat.

If there is snow/Christmas lights/music, oh and furry pet that can't eat after midnight then it plays

Taking it back but family is family

If your friend jumps off a bridge would you too?

Anyone's office Christmas party get THIS wild? :)



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