I know there's a market for weed.  But Catnip?  Who knew there was such a BIG market for Catnip?  I guess it's a thing!

Recently, we added to the family by adopting an 8-year old cat. "Pretty Peaches" has been with us for a couple of months.  She's a lovely, beautiful calico cat.  There's just one thing.  She's a biter.  So, I'm trying everything I can to make her feel welcome.
The biting has to stop.  What can I do?

peaches (1)

I've Googled about it.  Is she stressed?  What is the deal?

I went to one of our local pet stores.  I found quite a few items that may be able to "assist" Pretty Peaches.  She may just need to calm down a little.  Can catnip do the trick?

I had no idea there were so many options to help.

Back in the day, I picked up whatever was available.  Fast-forward to today...we have SEVERAL options.  I'm impressed.  What now?  Well, I chose a few.

Certainly, one of these will calm My Pretty Peaches. Please, calm this cat down.

If you have any tips on how to get this lovely lady to stop biting.  I'm all ears!  Please email me your tips.  patti.banner@townsquaremedia.com.  Or, feel free to message me on our app.

Kitty Cat Treats

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