You'll probably be hitting the mall at least once in the next few weeks. So here's a list to totally GROSS YOU OUT. It's the eight most-filled spots at the shopping mall.

The Bathroom Sink. It's the dirtiest place in the bathroom because it never dries out, which helps bacteria grow. They also say soap dispensers are pretty disgusting.

The Tables in the Food Court. Even if you see an employee wipe it down, there's no way to know how clean the rag is. If they've been using the same one all day, the rag itself can spread bacteria like E. coli.

The Escalator Handrails. If you touch one then touch your face, it's like ASKING to get the flu.

ATM Keypads. Researchers in China tested 38 ATM's in a busy city center, and found that each key contained an average of 1200 germs. And the dirtiest key was the Enter" button.

Toy Stores. Thousands of kids touch thousands of toys, and leave behind millions of germs. If you buy something wash it down when you get home.

Fitting Rooms. The rooms aren't actually the problem. The CLOTHING is. When people try things on, skin cells and sweat accumulate on the fbric. And both things help bacteria grow.

The Gadgets at Electronics Stores. Display items you can cameras and cell phones...are absolutely COVERED in germs.

Makeup Samples. A 2005 study found that at least 67% of make-up 'testers' are contaminated with bacteria, including staph, strep, and E. coli.