Having read A LOT of weird news stories for work, I can attest to the fact a CRAP ton of those stories come from the beautiful state of Florida!

Yes, there are a lot of people and the weather is warmer than most states, so that could be part of the reason. Not really sure why the weird crime rate is so high there, but thankfully for this latest trending challenge, nobody but the criminals are getting hurt. And technically, they chose to do that to themselves.

The challenge is pretty simple. Type into Google:

Florida Man and then your birthday......

So I typed in Florida Man March 29 and here is what popped up

Aaron Clark, 24, was charged with fleeing, attempting to elude and reckless driving after he ran away from a traffic stop Saturday night, deputies said.

Clark was stopped, along with two other four-wheelers, on a Walton County road. While the two other vehicles stopped, Clark rode away from the deputies.

Later that night, Clark returned to the traffic stop with a beer in his hand and yelling "come and get me" to the deputies before riding off again, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Pretty harmless stuff for my Florida Man, what about yours?