Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash
According to the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture website, they have detected two Japanese beetles near Grandview and one near Sunnyside. This was last year but it is of great concern. One resident said several Japanese beetles devoured her roses in Grandview during the summer of 2020. This kind of sounds like a Murder Hornet situation, which is nothing to scoff at. They spotted one so there must be more. Eventually, they did find the entire Murder Hornet nest! What is it with these foreign bugs messing with the state of Washington? Japanese beetles pose a serious threat to farms and gardens. If they become established here it could be disastrous. Yes they will devour your roses and cause more havoc than any earwig ever could. Do you have brown spots in your grass? Yep, they'll do that too. That innocent little grub you found could actually be a Japanese beetle in its infancy. Don't be too alarmed because they are rare here, but they do exist. And like I said if there's one, then they have obviously laid eggs here and so there's certainly more.
If you see a Japanese Beetle, please report it to the State of Washington HERE. If you have a Japanese Beetle trap and catch any, you can drop them off at Bleyhl in Grandview.
Watch the video below from the Washington State Department of Agriculture to find out more about these nasty critters.


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