The Pacific Northwest is known for hiking, coffee and beautiful coastlines but did you know the states included, have very different interests when it comes to google searches?

What are Washington, Idaho and Oregon googling these days

Idaho is over here trying to figure out how to vape

That's what Idaho is googling

Oregon is googling all the Zen vibes they can handle with anything having to do with the phrase Live, Laugh, Love

It isn't just the Pumpkin Spice Latte Mom's

And Washington isn't taking any chances, learning all about hunting bigfoot

Washington State won't let this one go

Interestingly enough Oklahoma also has a fascination with bigfoot as well! Their google search is more about finding evidence of the man? The myth, the legend.

Oklahoma is a believer

Texas is searching for the signs their dog really does love them

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South Dakota wants to know how to get themselves fired

South Dakota isn't interested in improving their work life

While North Dakota is more interested in the height of1980's fun the hacky sack

West Virginia is trying to figure out why their poop is green...could it be all the green eggs and ham?

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While Nebraska is dealing with smelly feet and for some reason Arizona is most interested in photos of feet

Smelly feet can be a struggle

Alabama seems to be going back in time, with the largest search focusing on shoulder pads

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

But maybe they are sports related shoulder pads

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Florida is working on how to get rid of ghosts


While Tennessee is trying to figure out if their houses are in fact haunted


While Kentucky wants to know how to become a vampire

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You can find the entire list of states and what they are googling at

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