Tis' the stealin' season, I guess, yes, it is officially underway, as today, November 16, 2020, KPD officers took THREE thefts in progress reports from the Kennewick Walmart, and law enforcement says it's not irregular for Officers to deal with thefts at local businesses multiple times a day.

As long as it's not me, I can't help but laugh every time I hear a story, see a video or witness firsthand someone walking into a glass door or window. What hurts more, the ego or actual injury?

Today's story picks up with a KPD Officer, questioning the first alleged pilfering detainee, catches wind of soon-to-be-detainee number two, 38-year old William Anderson, sauntering past everyone, without a care in the world, with a shopping cart full of unpaid goods. Loss Prevention Officers with Walmart realize what is happening and attempt to detain the man. Once he realizes his jig is up, he bails on the cart and he bolts for the door but smacks his nose on the closed glass, injuring his honker.

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Undeterred, the suspect, now looking at upgraded charges from shoplifting to burglary as he was already trespassed from Walmart previously due to similar actions, tries to duck in and out of cars while darting across the parking lot before eventually being cuffed through coordinated law enforcement efforts. He is currently hanging out in the Benton County Jail.

Often, arrests like these can lead to a cache of other no-no's like narcotics, weapons, other stolen items and evidence leading to the prosecution of collateral crimes.

KPD Facebook 11-16-20

From the KPD Facebook page:

RETAIL THEFT SEASON: Officers took three thefts in progress from Wal-Mart today. It is not irregular for Officers to deal with thefts at local businesses multiple times a day.
As Officers were dealing with the first theft suspect, 38-year-old William Anderson attempted to push a cart full of items out of the store. When Wal-Mart Loss prevention Officers attempted to stop Anderson he fled on foot. Anderson was so focused on fleeing he ran head first into a door injuring his nose.
That didn’t deter Anderson who continued to flee on foot through the parking lot until Officers Wolosin and Ealy-Thomas worked together to apprehend him. Anderson had been previously trespassed from Wal-Mart because he allegedly attempted to steal other items recently. This upgraded Anderson’s shoplifting to a Burglary. Anderson was booked in the Benton County Jail.
KPD regularly works with Loss Prevention Officers to hold criminals accountable. In some instances these arrests lead to other stolen items, narcotics, weapons and other evidence. If you find yourself in the middle of an interaction like today we ask that you be a good witness and call 9-1-1 if you think someone needs help.
KPD Facebook 11-16-2020

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