The One Public Place Fireworks Are 100% Illegal in Washington State

As the 4th of July is getting closer, folks are buying more and more fireworks for their celebrations.

Fireworks are Illegal in all National Forests Including Washington State

It's always good to check the laws of the towns and counties in which you live because some places it's legal and in some places, it's illegal to shoot off your fireworks.

Photo by Pavł Polø on Unsplash
Photo by Pavł Polø on Unsplash
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If you are headed to the mountains for the holiday weekend, there is one place where fireworks are strictly illegal even in a widely used public place and that is our national forests.

In a release from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Forest Fire Management Officer Brandon Lewis had this to say to campers:

“We want people to enjoy this great national holiday and to do so in a manner that best ensures their safety and that of our natural resources, but fireworks pose a substantial wildfire risk and should be left at home”. 


The USDA included some tips to prevent forest fires this 4th of July weekend:

If planning to have a campfire:

  • Make sure campfires are allowed in the area camping will occur.
  • In developed campgrounds, use an existing fire ring. In wilderness, construct a fire ring out of rocks.
  • Clear all vegetation away from the ring and don’t build a campfire underneath low hanging tree branches.
  • Keep water and a shovel nearby.

When extinguishing a campfire:

  • Drown it with water.
  • Stir the embers to ensure everything is wet.
  • Feel the coals and embers, they should be cool to the touch. If it‘s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!

So as you can see, the #1 public place where you can't shoot off fireworks in Washington State is the national forests. For additional campfire safety tips go to

Make sure you check the laws and regulations of your town and county before you decide to go buy a ton of fireworks so you don't get a ticket later for not knowing the law in Washington State.   

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