You won't believe what the most popular stories of 2011 were. These are the ones you, our listeners, clicked on the most. See the Top 10 below.Click on the headline to reread the story. Concert news and celebrity interviews were not surprisingly our most popular stories, but all three stories about Nelly and 3OH3! coming to town made the top 10. Other previews of family-friendly community events also made the list, but I can't believe the No. 1 most read story. You won't either.

  • 10

    98.3 The Key Presents Miranda Cosgrove

    400 hits since June 1

    This was a popular concert.

  • 9

    Cell Phone Could Earn You a Speeding Ticket

    411 hits since April 1

    This same story ran on a few of our sister stations and it also made their top 10 lists. Listeners obviously care a lot about the effect of talking while driving.

  • 8

    Chef Will Lustberg from FOX’s ‘Hells Kitchen’

    493 hits since Sept. 19

    I saw the show for the first time last week. I think Chef Will is a real contender. He keeps his cool while serving up quality. Hear what he had to say to Jim and Stacy.

  • 7

    Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo

    493 hits since May 11

    This story came out in May about tickets for events in AUGUST!!!!!!! Talk about planning ahead! You guys are price savvy and won't pass up a deal.

  • 6

    Haunted Forest

    496 hits since Oct. 3

    This was a popular and affordable Halloween activity for the kids.

  • 5

    Odette Annable – ‘Dr. Jessica Adams’ on FOX’s “HOUSE”

    587 hits since Sept. 26

    This talented actress is quite the looker and was a fun interview for Jim & Stacy.

  • 4

    Goran Visnjic, 'Niko Lonza' on ABC’s "Pan Am" Interview

    621 hits since Oct. 20

    The show wasn't memorable, but this interview was for Jim & Stacy.

  • 3

    Nelly and 3OH3! In Kennewick in March

    679 hits since Jan. 13 -- if you don't count the hits the duplicate posts got

    Stories about the Blizzard Music Tour were so popular! You won't believe the only thing more popular: more Blizzard Music Tour news!

  • 2

    The Blizzard Music Tour: Nelly and 3OH3!

    906 hits since Jan. 13

    The concert wasn't until March 11 but the announcement two months prior made big waves.

  • 1

    Mother’s Day Etiquette to Save Big Jim

    1,755 hits since April 25

    Weird, right? The entire story was only about 100 words yet it scored nearly twice as many readers as the runner-up. This story was a call for help from Stacy who was trying to give shopping advice to Big Jim. Apparently he didn't really know what is role was on Mother's Day since his significant other has kids, but they aren't his kids. My guess is this post struck a chord with people in non-traditional families. Holidays that honor relationships get sticky when the relationships are sticky, or are perhaps undefined. Stacy also brought up motherly people in the story. Is it weird to honor them on Mother's Day?

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