The Voice is coming down to the wire, with the final four contestants performing Monday night (Dec. 16) for their last chances at votes. Each singer got a chance to sing a cover song, an original song, and a duet with his/her coach. We'll find out who is crowned the winner on Dec. 17!

One fun duet came in the form of Coach Blake Shelton teaming up with his protege Ricky Duran, to deliver an extra rockin' version of Chuck Berry's already rockin' holiday classic "Run Rudolph Run."

"I chose this song without asking you," admitted Shelton. "But I knew this was a song that you could melt faces with your guitar. Can you do the Chuck Berry dance?"

"Can we do it together?" countered Duran, to which Shelton joked, "I don't think my knees...they barely hold me up as it is." 

Duran got his own joke in, saying "It's great to do a song with someone as experienced as he is."

"What do you mean by that?" countered Shelton.

"You've been performing for a little time," answered Duran cheekily.

Shelton is, for the record, only 43 years old, so he really had no excuse not to rock out with Duran on stage with the Berry classic. That they did, with Shelton strumming an acoustic and Duran trying his best to melt some faces as Shelton asked him to do on his electric axe.

"Nice work fellas," marveled host Carson Daly. "Thanks for getting us in the spirit!

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