Two-way mirrors, secret rooms behind bookshelves, lava hot springs and more... Just a four hour drive from Boise!

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This is pretty cool! If you're looking for a cool new place to have a getaway, without having to go too far, you should check out the Lions Gate Manor in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, about four hours away from the Treasure Valley. I first found out about Lions Gate Manor by seeing these cool photos on Instagram.

The thing that REALLY caught my eye was this book case, hiding a secret room!

First off, I don't care how much of a grown up you are, this is so cool! There is also a bath tub in the shape of a heart, and let's be honest... A bath tub in the shape of a heart is 100% necessary for any and every honeymoon. So, if you or anyone you know is getting married anytime soon, you must tell them about this!

Speaking of love... They have a whole Romeo and Juliet themed suite! This is good for those star crossed lovers whose parents aren't a fan of their love, but they don't care what they think. There's also a phantom's lair suite, a Roman bath suite, a medieval chamber, and more! It's one thing to find a cool hotel, or an air bnb where you're there by yourself, but how often do you find a good ole fashioned bed and breakfast with a secret room behind a bookshelf? Not often. So next time you're looking for a fun, romantic getaway, take the journey to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho... Oh, and they have Lava Hot Springs!

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