I was off the show yesterday because I had to go to court in Prosser.

I had gotten a speeding ticket at the end of last month on the river road outside of Prosser. The Prosser Police have a little speed trap along the Yakima river and it was my own fault because I knew the Police would be sitting there waiting. I did decide to go to court and mitigate the ticket and I learned a few things in the process.

I wasn't looking to fight the speeding ticket as I knew that speed trap existed but the officer did cite me for expired tabs. I knew the tabs were going to expire August 1st but apparently that wasn't the case as they had expired on July 11th according to my registration. I thought i'd go to court and see if I could get a reduction on the expired tabs as it still was July when he ticketed me.

Here is what I learned by going to court in Prosser.

1) The court in Prosser is full of friendly folks waiting to help. I popped my head into the survey office and they politely pointed me to the third floor where the district court was.

2) The elevator is slow

3) The Bailiff reminds me of Rusty from People's Court

4) The process is super quick as there where about 10 people in the court room for an 8:30 am start.

5) The Judge rolled through all cases within 30 minutes, not mincing words with anyone, so I'm thinking he's going to be eating lunch at 9:10 am.

I did get my ticket reduction and I learned that you can defer a speeding ticket and it won't show up on your driving record if you go to court. I have to keep my nose clean for awhile but normally if I got a speeding ticket in the past, I'd pay it right then.

I didn't like getting the ticket in a small town but the good news is that living in a small town has its advantages as my day in court was short-lived....whew!




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