Ok, we have to give him a brownie point for at least trying to make it to court. But his mode of transportation left much to be desired!

38-year-old Shaun Thomas Shawley is now in the Yakima County jail, facing auto theft charges, on top of the drug paraphernalia count he was headed to court for, plus driving with a suspended license.

Officials say Shawley was due in court Monday, when officers noticed a white Honda weaving in and out of traffic. It matched the description of a car reported stolen recently. When finally pulled over Shawley said he didn't know it was stolen, a 'friend' had loaned it to him. He told officers he was trying to avoid them because he knew his license was suspended.

He also reportedly told officers his friend told him where in nearby Mabton to find the car, and he could use it.

Apparently he was hoping to make it to the courthouse before being detected. A passenger his the car was searched after officers noticed a bulge under his shirt. It turned out to be meth and other drug related items. Both Shawley and his passenger are due to be arraignment April 19th.



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