We've all thought about sneaking out of the house and stealing our parent's car. Some of us have done it and never got caught and some of us do get caught but we return the car and get grounded for life.
One Richland teen decided they didn't want to give the car back and now they've been arrested.

Benton County Sheriff's Deputies spotted the vehicle and the driver decided that they weren't going to return the car - here is how the incident went down according to the Benton County Sheriff's Department:
Deputies located a vehicle taken without permission on the highway entering Richland. An 18 year of age female, decided she wasn’t going to return her mother’s vehicle. Pasco PD had just recently taken the report, Richland PD and Washington State Patrol assisted in the high-risk stop. The female was taken into custody without incident. The vehicle was returned to the registered owner.
Luckily no one was hurt in the incident but I'm sure the girl has a lot to answer for and it'll be up to her parents if they decide to press charges.
She's 18 which means she could be in a lot of trouble because she's now an adult. I wouldn't want to be her once her parents get to her.
You can check out more details on the traffic stop here
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