It's no secret  what women are insecure about. When it comes to MEN, we know that guys are pretty visual! We know our looks play a part on attracting and keeping the attention of our perspective partner.

Of course knowing they should see what  a fabulous human being we are INSIDE!

But, guys apparently are insecure about a thing or two as well, according to

A recent article, lists three things guys sweat over!

1. Hair Loss-Men fear going bald! And, there's not a lot a guy can do about it that doesn't involve expensive treatments or medical procedures.

2. Weight and Fitness-Guys don't usually obsess over their bodies as much as women. But, can still be insecure about SOMETHING on his body like a beer belly, small arms or undefined calves.

3. Aging- Women at least have the luxury of makeup and sure, men seem to age more distinguishably then women. But one of the fastest growing groups of Botox users IS middle aged businessmen! Surprised? Do you know any men who use Botox?


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