Are Men More Faithful?
Popular culture has long suggested that men would rather be promiscuous than monogamous, celebrating caddish characters like the one Ted Danson played on 'Cheers' or the one Charlie Sheen portrayed on 'Two and A Half Men.' But this may not be completely fair.
Three Things Guys Are Insecure About
It's no secret  what women are insecure about. When it comes to MEN, we know that guys are pretty visual! We know our looks play a part on attracting and keeping the attention of our perspective partner.
Of course knowing they should see what  a fabulous human being we are INSIDE!
But, …
Will Men Soon Outlive Women?
Women living longer than men is a fact that has always been a card females can play in any battle of the sexes.
But it looks like their long time longevity advantage may soon be a thing of the past.

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