Unless you've been living off the grid for the past couple of weeks, you're well aware that the Harlem Shake is officially the new 'Gangnam Style' or 'Call Me Maybe' of 2013. And with a lengthy, lengthy list of Shakes filling up the YouTube spots, the craze has finally made it's way home. Not necessarily to Harlem, but Times Square is close enough.

In this new Harlem Shake video -- courtesy of YouTube's CBC (that creepy individual in the welding mask) -- tourists and/or city-denizens packed the streets of New York's Times Square (even more so than usual) to perform one risky Harlem Shake. Being a location already littered with cops, it's a wonder they were actually able to shake their badonkadonks without a raid of sorts.

Actually, if you look closely there's an NYPD officer in the front. Oh boy, he looks thrilled.

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