It's National Vinyl Day, and for those us of who grew up on those spinning discs, it's a day of remembrance of what was our first vinyl purchase. I remember buying my first 45 on a class trip to Portland and it was Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." The first 33 disc I bought was an album no one would expect me to buy, and I've never told the story until today.

It was the winter of 1985 and I didn't have a lot of money. Record albums cost $6.99 at the local PayLess and I went in to buy my first full-length album. Most know that I'm the biggest Mr. Mister fan on the planet, but they ended up being my second vinyl purchase. I'm not sure why I hesitated on buying a Mr. Mister album, but I did.

The album I did pick out turned out to be an obscure band called "GTR." It had one single playing on the radio at the time and it was "When The Heart Rules The Mind." The band was made up of former members of Yes and Genesis and this was their debut album. It didn't do well and it's been a lost vinyl album a lot of years almost becoming a cult favorite today.

Musician magazine's review was the shortest in history, writing "SHT."

I still have the album on CD for nostalgia and pop it in from time to time, but as they say about your "first" anything, you never forget it good or bad.

I'd love to know what your first album was --- feel free to comment below and I'll do a few shout-outs on the air about it.