Have a guitarist in your family? Don't know what to give them for Christmas? Here are some ideas to help get you started! These are from a guitarist, in no particular order, and are guaranteed to be successful.

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    New-to-Them Guitar

    This may not come as a shock to you, but the best thing to buy would be a guitar. It's not always within the budget, though, and cheap guitars are a dime a dozen and practically useless for all but the most inexperienced guitarists. This is one you might look at buying for a player of a couple years.
    Click the word "guitar" above to see it. Price: $100-$2000

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    Acoustic Humidifier

    This device is designed to help elongate the lifespan of a guitar. A guitar kept in the proper conditions can sound good a whole lot longer than one that has been ignored. As a gift, this will only work for those who own acoustic guitars,

    Cost: $25-$60

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    Tab Books

    Tab books are song books for music that you hear all around you. You can get tab books for all of your favorite bands, such as Rush, AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zepplin, and even more recent bands like Tool.

    Cost: $5-$20

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    Pick Holder

    Pick holders are always nice. When I first got one as a 'stocking stuffer' from my mother, it made a big difference in the amount of picks I lost. A small, but helpful item.

    Cost: $2-$5

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    Guitar Hanger

    Sometimes, a guitarist has to put his guitar down. It's very easy to run out of places to put your guitars, and most people just leave them on the floor, which is extremely bad.

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    Pick Punch

    This is a simple device that cuts picks out of any plastic card sheet. It works well on things like old credit/debit cards, used gift cards, that membership card to that store you'll never go into again...altogether a very helpful device.

    Cost: $20-$30

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    Guitar Tuner

    A tuner is essential to any guitarist, as it's usually the only thing we have that lets us tell whether or not our strings are completely in tune. The most useful are the ones that clip onto the headstock, as you don't need to be in a quiet place for them to work.

    Cost: $20-$100


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    A capo is a device that is used to basically change the tuning of the guitar. It allows us to play things we may not have been able to play, at least not in the key we want to. Necessary for any acoustic guitarist.

    Cost: $10-$30

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    Guitar Tool

    This is something I would love to have. It's a simple tool that has everything you might need to adjust or perform otherwise basic repairs. Always helpful.

    Cost: $15

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    Guitar Stand

    Having a wall hanger is no substitute for an actual stand, because you can't move a wall hanger. It's a good idea to have a regular stand just in case you're going on vacation or need to play a show where you'll have to put the instrument down. Even for people who don't play gigs, it's always helpful.

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